Tiffany’s latest earning is better than expected


According to the company’s latest full-year earnings report, sales in Asia accounted for 25% of global sales in 2016, while Greater China contributed more than half.

The latest quarterly report is Tiffany recently the only good news, this has a 179-year history of the company’s management to change frequently, the chief designer and chief financial officer have put on new people. And the company’s former CEO Frederic Cumenal was originally hired to save the company’s image, the results were less than two years, announced last month to leave.

Now, the board chairman Michael Kowalski served as interim CEO, Michale said the company is trying to find a long-term CEO.

The growth in Asia in the fourth quarter may have benefited from the fact that Tiffany has opened a number of retail stores here, and currently Tiffany has 31 stores in mainland China, 9 in Hong Kong and 8 in Taiwan. The company said it would continue to expand its presence in China. At the same time Tiffany will continue to expand fashion jewelry series, and increase investment in digital marketing.

The elegant Tiffany suffered the impact of the times


The company’s sales in China and Japan led to an increase of 1.3% to $ 1.23 billion in November-January sales, but was not favored by customers, especially young people, in their hometowns.

The company said 11 to January store customer traffic fell by 14%, Tiffany’s flagship store accounted for a considerable part of the sales group, sometimes more than 10%.

Retail research firm Managing Director of GlobalData said Tiffany’s troubles are more than the flagship store downturn and the decline in passenger spending.

Institutions added that the US customers more and more despise Tiffany, young people think that the brand gas, and as the company’s sales season in the Christmas jewelry sales in the position is also declining.

The agency pointed out that the company’s new management needs to Tiffany’s products and sales methods to bring a complete change, Super Bowl Lady Gaga’s endorsement is a good start.

Chinese people buy Tiffany merchandise locally


Tiffany has been struggling to boost its sales, especially in its largest market, the Americas. Consumers are now spending more on accessories, more inclined to buy those affordable, niche brand, which is the former CEO Frederic Cumenal resignation of the important reasons.

In February, Tiffany and the rights investor Jana Partners (who joined the Italian luxury jewelry brand Bulgari family heir, former CEO Francesco Trapani jointly acquired Tiffany about 5.1% of the outstanding shares) reached an agreement, Tiffany board of directors added three independent directors: Roger Farah, James Lillie and Francesco Trapani.

The current chairman and interim CEO Michael Kowalski said that this quarter Tiffany price of less than $ 500 jewelry sales performed well, the company will continue to increase the category of products. In addition, the sales of gold accessories led to the growth of fashion jewelry sales growth.

2017 Nagoya woman marathon with Tiffany as awards


Nagoya woman marathon was founded in 1983, 2012 among the IAAF gold medal tournament, finishing players can get Tiffany (Tiffany) custom necklace. Closing time 7 hours is very loose, most people can get their dream Tiffany necklace. Each year the necklace design is different, 2015 and 2016 pendant is cherry, “this year is a rose, even if it is climbing to climb to the end.” Le said.

Although the scale of the game for 23,000 people, but of which 20,000 places is to the Japanese players, overseas players only 3,000 places. There is no public registration, the music on the use of expensive price to buy a commercial places: “Japanese girls without exception, playing blush, painted lip gloss, makeup exquisite, as if to go to a grand party ”

Japan’s marathon, has always been known for intimate service, let alone the international gold medal event. There is no long time to line up the troubles; half way, the official food supply is very rich, bananas, bread, rice noodles, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, Candy … … enthusiastic people also brought a variety of food, so I entangled in the end of the serious running or enjoy the food. “Le also immersed in the wonderful memories.

Tiffany and its American dream


To be honest, the fashion brand Vaquera founded in 2013 is not really out of color, and you may even think it is a bit of a grandstanding – in the just-ending 2017 New York autumn and winter fashion week, the brand’s new theme is ” ”

Since the lock of such a theme, that show the red and blue flag on the composition of the new suit naturally compassionate. According to the current fashion industry routines, the stage if there is a flag or slogan, the audience will certainly not escape the “certain designer with fashion works to express the political declaration” such an explanation – but in the outsider, this drama, Too much.

However, when Vaquera models wearing a Tiffany blue small bag shape dress on the stand, it is still a bit surprised. Taking into account the current United States is in a corner full of uncertainty, the designer out of political thinking Ye Hao, trickery worth mentioning, with the flag pattern made clothes interpretation of the American spirit or style can be understood.

When we buy Tiffany jewelry, there is always a small blue bag included. But why does Tiffany bag can represent “America”?

Interview with Tiffany chief gemologist


Since 1845, the legendary Tiffany Blue Book senior jewelry catalog selection of the world’s most beautiful gorgeous jewelry masterpiece, once a year delivered to the hands of distinguished customers. Time flow, Blue Book content increasingly rich, pictures more beautiful, Tiffany blue gift box used by the famous “know more bird egg blue” to become its cover color, as part of the elegant heritage of the brand.

2017 Blue Book Premium jewelery series contains six main themes, of which the rainforest is intended to capture the insects of the forest and the foliage. The design of the berry wonders theme really realizes the color and form of innovation, the inrush waterfall theme by the smart mosaic of the diamond perfect reproduction of the waterfall smooth Pentium. Xiangyang leaves focus on the theme of light metal texture, while the concept of the works and the pursuit of the depth of the process, and the feather flying series has a stunning color and smart shape. Exotic fragrance theme inherited the brand of flower design tradition, this inspiration from three days will continue to change the color of jasmine, Tiffany to full of layers of color gems, clever reproduction of this soft change.

Melvyn Kirtley, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany’s chief gemologist. During his tenure, he served as the main spokesperson for Tiffany, providing gemological expertise and guidance to guests and Tiffany Global Teaching, Sales Program, Product Development and Gemstone Purchasing Teams. Mr. Cotley also appreciates the company’s global collection of premium jewelery Home to carry out the customer to give positive and effective support.

130 anniversary theme exhibition of Tiffany classic diamond ring


On March 29, the world’s top jewelry and watch brand Tiffany in Zhengzhou Dennis David City unveiled Tiffany classic diamond ring “legendary bright 130 years” theme exhibition, show the classic diamond ring across the century stunning. Mr. Liu Yangsong, Vice President and Managing Director of Tiffany Company China, Mr. Liu Yongsong, General Manager of Zhengzhou Dennis Group Department Store and Mr. Zhao Youting, the famous actor, came to the opening scene to unveil the exhibition.
On the same day, in the hit TV series in a sincere image to capture the hearts of countless girls heart perfect Zhao Nuoting debut live scene, and we share his understanding of the brand and love sentiment. In Zhao Youting view, love the ideal state is sincere, simple, focused, simplified as Jane is his longing for the love of view, as theTiffanySetting Tiffany six paw inlaid diamond ring, focus on the extreme side to become unique. “In the history of Tiffany ‘s nearly 180 years of brand history, he always filled with true love, not only a symbol of true love, but also opened a precedent for weddings to marry him,” said Ms. Ouyang Zhaohua, Vice President and Managing Director of Tiffany China.

The theme exhibition will be “classic heritage” “superb art” “meaningful charm” and “bright love” four themes were presented in the giant Tiffany blue gift box. The exhibition not only shows a 4.37 kt of TheTiffanySetting Tiffany six paw inlaid diamond ring and its infinite Seiko and creative behind, but also exhibited a lot of precious historical information, leading visitors into the Tiffany jewelry studio and jewelry master of the legendary world. In the classic diamond ring on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Tiffany new release TheTiffanySetting Tiffany six claws inlaid 18K rose gold diamond ring. This diamond ring is one of the milestones in the history of Tiffany.