Tiffany and its American dream

To be honest, the fashion brand Vaquera founded in 2013 is not really out of color, and you may even think it is a bit of a grandstanding – in the just-ending 2017 New York autumn and winter fashion week, the brand’s new theme is ” ”

Since the lock of such a theme, that show the red and blue flag on the composition of the new suit naturally compassionate. According to the current fashion industry routines, the stage if there is a flag or slogan, the audience will certainly not escape the “certain designer with fashion works to express the political declaration” such an explanation – but in the outsider, this drama, Too much.

However, when Vaquera models wearing a Tiffany blue small bag shape dress on the stand, it is still a bit surprised. Taking into account the current United States is in a corner full of uncertainty, the designer out of political thinking Ye Hao, trickery worth mentioning, with the flag pattern made clothes interpretation of the American spirit or style can be understood.

When we buy Tiffany jewelry, there is always a small blue bag included. But why does Tiffany bag can represent “America”?

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