The elegant Tiffany suffered the impact of the times

The company’s sales in China and Japan led to an increase of 1.3% to $ 1.23 billion in November-January sales, but was not favored by customers, especially young people, in their hometowns.

The company said 11 to January store customer traffic fell by 14%, Tiffany’s flagship store accounted for a considerable part of the sales group, sometimes more than 10%.

Retail research firm Managing Director of GlobalData said Tiffany’s troubles are more than the flagship store downturn and the decline in passenger spending.

Institutions added that the US customers more and more despise Tiffany, young people think that the brand gas, and as the company’s sales season in the Christmas jewelry sales in the position is also declining.

The agency pointed out that the company’s new management needs to Tiffany’s products and sales methods to bring a complete change, Super Bowl Lady Gaga’s endorsement is a good start.

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