130 anniversary theme exhibition of Tiffany classic diamond ring


On March 29, the world’s top jewelry and watch brand Tiffany in Zhengzhou Dennis David City unveiled Tiffany classic diamond ring “legendary bright 130 years” theme exhibition, show the classic diamond ring across the century stunning. Mr. Liu Yangsong, Vice President and Managing Director of Tiffany Company China, Mr. Liu Yongsong, General Manager of Zhengzhou Dennis Group Department Store and Mr. Zhao Youting, the famous actor, came to the opening scene to unveil the exhibition.
On the same day, in the hit TV series in a sincere image to capture the hearts of countless girls heart perfect Zhao Nuoting debut live scene, and we share his understanding of the brand and love sentiment. In Zhao Youting view, love the ideal state is sincere, simple, focused, simplified as Jane is his longing for the love of view, as theTiffanySetting Tiffany six paw inlaid diamond ring, focus on the extreme side to become unique. “In the history of Tiffany ‘s nearly 180 years of brand history, he always filled with true love, not only a symbol of true love, but also opened a precedent for weddings to marry him,” said Ms. Ouyang Zhaohua, Vice President and Managing Director of Tiffany China.

The theme exhibition will be “classic heritage” “superb art” “meaningful charm” and “bright love” four themes were presented in the giant Tiffany blue gift box. The exhibition not only shows a 4.37 kt of TheTiffanySetting Tiffany six paw inlaid diamond ring and its infinite Seiko and creative behind, but also exhibited a lot of precious historical information, leading visitors into the Tiffany jewelry studio and jewelry master of the legendary world. In the classic diamond ring on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Tiffany new release TheTiffanySetting Tiffany six claws inlaid 18K rose gold diamond ring. This diamond ring is one of the milestones in the history of Tiffany.