Interview with Tiffany chief gemologist


Since 1845, the legendary Tiffany Blue Book senior jewelry catalog selection of the world’s most beautiful gorgeous jewelry masterpiece, once a year delivered to the hands of distinguished customers. Time flow, Blue Book content increasingly rich, pictures more beautiful, Tiffany blue gift box used by the famous “know more bird egg blue” to become its cover color, as part of the elegant heritage of the brand.

2017 Blue Book Premium jewelery series contains six main themes, of which the rainforest is intended to capture the insects of the forest and the foliage. The design of the berry wonders theme really realizes the color and form of innovation, the inrush waterfall theme by the smart mosaic of the diamond perfect reproduction of the waterfall smooth Pentium. Xiangyang leaves focus on the theme of light metal texture, while the concept of the works and the pursuit of the depth of the process, and the feather flying series has a stunning color and smart shape. Exotic fragrance theme inherited the brand of flower design tradition, this inspiration from three days will continue to change the color of jasmine, Tiffany to full of layers of color gems, clever reproduction of this soft change.

Melvyn Kirtley, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany’s chief gemologist. During his tenure, he served as the main spokesperson for Tiffany, providing gemological expertise and guidance to guests and Tiffany Global Teaching, Sales Program, Product Development and Gemstone Purchasing Teams. Mr. Cotley also appreciates the company’s global collection of premium jewelery Home to carry out the customer to give positive and effective support.