Tiffany’s latest earning is better than expected

According to the company’s latest full-year earnings report, sales in Asia accounted for 25% of global sales in 2016, while Greater China contributed more than half.

The latest quarterly report is Tiffany recently the only good news, this has a 179-year history of the company’s management to change frequently, the chief designer and chief financial officer have put on new people. And the company’s former CEO Frederic Cumenal was originally hired to save the company’s image, the results were less than two years, announced last month to leave.

Now, the board chairman Michael Kowalski served as interim CEO, Michale said the company is trying to find a long-term CEO.

The growth in Asia in the fourth quarter may have benefited from the fact that Tiffany has opened a number of retail stores here, and currently Tiffany has 31 stores in mainland China, 9 in Hong Kong and 8 in Taiwan. The company said it would continue to expand its presence in China. At the same time Tiffany will continue to expand fashion jewelry series, and increase investment in digital marketing.

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